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I turned 30 today.

3.0. A new decade. A new start. An official welcome to adulthood. There are no excuses any more. I am not a young adult. I am an adult. I feel so legit.

In all honestly I don’t approach this new chapter with much trepidation, on the contrary  I am quite excited and have been for some time. People who have already crossed the threshold tell me these are the years. This is the decade.

This is the time when you come into your skin. When you figure out who you are, what you want and where you want to be. You gain a true sense of self. You feel secure. Your friends are more secure. There is balance. There is clarity.

I suppose that is a lot of pressure to put on two numbers. I have given them a lot to prove.

But it’s not so much about being proven right. Or discovering that what everyone has been telling me is true. It’s more about proving myself right. In harnessing this excitement, this possibility and doing something with it. I have been quietly chanting to myself for the past few weeks “This is the decade where I make something of myself.”

It’s up to me to manifest my Destiny.

Because you see for awhile now I have been waiting somewhat passively. Yes I have always been a “go get em’” kind of gal, I have made some choices I am proud of and done some cool things. However it has always felt as though it was at someone elses behest. I am going along doing what I am doing because it’s what I should do. It’s how you play the game. It’s what I think I need at that time.

I don’t want to wait for someone else to figure me out. To…for lack of a better term (and really I tried to think of a better one) discover me. I have three decades of experience at my back now and I am fully equipped to build something of my own.

Now the question is…what do I build?

I have some ideas.

I have a few opinons.

I have goals.

It’s putting them all together, mixing the motar and binding the bricks, that gets tough. But I have to start. I won’t get anywhere if I don’t start. Man there are so many cheesy inspirational quotes running through my head right now. It makes me laugh.

Let’s no wax poetical about this any further. It’s time to get shit done. For reals. Here we go 30, let’s do this thang.  Let’s take this ride.

And, as a true born and bred Kentucky gal would say, and we’re off….