Ok I am going to come clean about something. I am not only a remarkably impatient person but I am also unwilling to let myself be bad at things.

What this means is that if I don’t find myself naturally inclined to be good at something then I won’t stick with it because I don’t want to go through the whole “I stink” phase in order to get to the “I rule!” phase. I simply want to rule from the start.

Which is why right now I am feeling quite anxious and frustrated because I am new to WordPress (I am a former blogger user) and I am not finding it particularly intuitive or user-friendly. I am going to have to take some time, exercise some patience and try to figure this whole thing out and it make me so unbelievably irritated.

I just felt the need to vent about that for a moment. You are now free to carry on with your day.