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Ok so it’s probably time to talk about something other than turning 30. I mean I am sure it was fun for you guys to read about my birthday and all, but how much is there really to be said on the subject? Not that much? Yeah I agree.

Starting this blog on my 30th birthday was really a coincidence more than anything. Well…coincidence isn’t really the right word…excuse is more like it. I think its sort of a natural human impulse to begin at the beginning. The beginning of the calendar year, the start of a school year, on your birthday, on a Monday….you get the idea.  I knew I wanted to start writing again, but I didn’t know how to start. The closer my 30th birthday loomed the more logical it seemed to just throw caution to the wind and begin. So we begin.

I have tried my hand at blogging twice before: once when we were planning our wedding, and once when we moved to New York City because Jürgen booked a show on Broadway only to have it close a week later. I stopped writing these blogs because I felt I ran out of things to say. The “stories” if you can call them that, reached their logical end.  The wedding happened. I moved back to Chicago. The driving force to write no longer existed. No that’s not correct….my desire to continue telling those stories no longer existed. The desire to write is ever present. Words run through my head constantly. Thoughts bounce back and forth behind my eyes at a rapid pace.  I don’t just want to write, I kind of need to write.

So here i go… I’m writing.

I desire connection. I desire exploration. I desire adventure.

These desires are both large and small. I desire to connect with the person sitting next to me but also to throw my thoughts out into the ether to see if they can reach someone on the other side. I desire to explore tall mountains and steep canyons, but also to walk down a different street than I normally do to explore the sights which are unique to that particular area.  I desire to be more adventurous in the way that I dress, but also to jump out of airplanes (which I actually just did recently, more on that later). It’s these desires which have compelled me to start writing again. Perhaps as a way to keep track of my attempt to pursue them. I don’t know exactly, but it feels necessary right now.

Oh I should also reiterate that I love food. Food is one of my conduits for creating connection, exploration and adventure. To be totally transparent I am not an expert. I have no formal training. I wouldn’t even call myself a cook per se. But I would like to be. I have no intention of making this a food blog, but since I love it, it’s going to play a role in this stories evolution.

I just want to put it all out there on the table for ya.