Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are yours had a wonderful and relaxing holiday. Once Turkey Day is upon us time seems to move in hyper drive, so I hope everyone was able to slow down and unwind-even for a moment.

Being away from all of our families and friends third year we wondered how we would be spending the holiday. Thankfully our sweet director invited us over to his gorgeous home for a “peasants Thanksgiving.”  Well, you can be the judge, but no party that takes place in his home should be dubbed peasant anything, because…well… its stunning. Like it belongs on the cover of Architectural Digest it’s so stunning. As in, for crying out loud, they have an original Andy Warhol painting in their house. Catch my drift?



Hallway Art

Hallway Art

Living Room

Living Room

We gathered at noon and everyone was asked to bring an appetizer. I decided to make an old Louisville favorite: White Cheddar Jalapeno Spread with Homemade Melba Toasts (the recipe is at the bottom of this post). It’s terribly delicious and terribly unhealthy, but you only live once and it’s the holidays so what can you do.

After grazing on some wonderful appetizers and taking in a hilarious improv performance from Marion’s son, Jim Meskimen (You can view his work here. Do it. It’s Hi-Larious) we feasted on Turkey Pot Pies…this is where the “peasant Thanksgiving” came from. Can I just tell you all how much I love pot pies? Anything shrouded in a flaky buttery crust is a winner in my book. The piping hot pies served as the centerpieces and surrounding them were beautiful pears filled with a delightfully tart cranberry chutney.

pot pie

Peasant Thanksgiving Pot Pie

Just us waiting to eat some pot pie goodnes

Just us waiting to eat some pot pie goodness

Oh and there was also lots of wine. I had to stop myself at one point because it was only a little after one at this point and I didn’t want to be that gal.

Following the main course there were a plethora of cakes and pies to feast on, all of which I declined because at this point I had to loosen the belt on my dress. So we opted to take a walk around the grounds, which were spectacular. There is something about being able to look into the distance and see nothing but rolling hills and tress to put ones mind at ease.

Feast your eyes upon these caloric beauties!

Feast your eyes upon these caloric beauties!

An Oreo/ Resses tiny Turkey. He looks a bit droopy.

An Oreo/ Resses tiny Turkey. He looks a bit droopy.

Kansas Countryside...

Kansas Countryside…

What your backyard doesn't have its own pond?

What your backyard doesn’t have its own pond?



I'm sandwiched between two super talented ladies!

Our fearless leader and some of the cast...full of turkey, wine and sweets.

Our fearless leader and some of the cast…full of turkey, wine and sweets.

We stayed until the early evening, talking, laughing, petting many dogs and even taking an ATV ride around the property.  After all of this Turkey Lurkey Awesomeness we headed to the home of Jerry Jay (a fellow cast member), Dana (his partner) and Harper (their foster daughter) to take in the plaza lights, an annual KC tradition where the light up the plaza shopping center and shoot fireworks.  Always wanting to soak up local culture this was an event we didn’t want to miss. It was a untraditionally balmy November evening so it was very pleasant outside, and we managed to get a great spot to view the fireworks after the switch was flipped.

Fireworks 1

fireworks 2

fireworks 4

us at fireworks

Plus we had this little peach with us. I just want to squeeze her she is so precious.


Blair and Harper

To round out the evening we went back to their house where they had a lovely dessert spread awaiting us. They had other friends stop by too so we managed to meet some new folks and I finally let myself eat some sweets.

Not a bad Turkey Day indeed.

Here’s to a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season to all!

Since its the season to be sharing here is a video of the performance Jim gave at Thanksgiving followed by the recipe. Enjoy!

White Cheddar Jalapeno Spread and Homemade Melba Toast

It doesn't look pretty, but I was limited in my food styling tools.

It doesn’t look pretty, but I was limited in my food styling tools.

For the Spread all you need to do is mix the following ingredients together in a large bowl. It will make about three cups.

-2lbs white cheddar cheese, shredded or grated

-1. 5 cups of mayonnaise

-One 4oz jar diced red pimento peppers

-1 cup canned jalapenos, drained and diced

For the Toast you will need

-One loaf of Pepperidge Farm Very Thin White Sandwich Bread

-1/2 lb of butter (This is what the recipe calls for but I didn’t use it all…and I am like Julia Child when it comes to butter)

Heat the oven to 350 degrees

Cut the crust off of the bread (I didn’t do that, I like crust), and cut bread in half diagonally. Or however you prefer to cut it…be free with your choices!

Melt the butter in the microwave. Place bread in a single layer on baking sheets and brush with melted butter. Bake until golden brown, turning once to brown and crisp evenly.