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They say good minds think alike, well it certainly was the case when it came to my Mom and brother purchasing me a birthday present. In addition to my lovely necklace my parents also gifted me a mah-velous gift card to Sunlight Day Spa here in Overland Park. Without consulting either of them beforehand, my brother also decided I needed some pampering in my life and sent me a gift card as well. All this adds up to some major destressing for Blair.

Sunlight offers all kinds of “ahhhh” inducing services, but after much thought I decided to just go for the gusto and do the Total Escape Package with a 90 minute massage, facial and thirty minute infrared sauna treatment.  And since he has been working so hard I decided I would let Jürgen jump on the spa train with me and he got to experience the Man Alive package which included a thirty minute mens facial, massage, infrared sauna treatment and two glasses of Boulevard Wheat Beer.

Dude, I am an awesome wife.

The minute you walk through the tempered glass doors at Sunlight you instantly feel a sense of zen take you over. With warm soft lighting, plush inviting decor and mellow music playing overhead you would never know that Black Friday madness was taking place outside.


All appointments at Sunlight begin with a relaxing rose petal foot soak while you sip cool cucumber water in the lounge. This instantly gets one in the mood to relax.

Still rockin' my blue toes.

Still rockin’ my blue toes.

waterMy first service was the ninety minute facial and it was a truly luxurious experience. It included a deep cleansing, several antioxidant infused serums and three different types of face masques. While the masques were working their magic, my esthetician massaged my neck, shoulders, arms and legs…a lovely surprise which left me feeling extra pampered. I have very sensitive skin, so facials tend to make me anxious but my esthetician listend to my concerns and left my skin feeling soft and dewy.

My massage was also a true escape, my therapist listened to the areas I wanted special attention to be paid and used a an even pressure throughout the massage to really work the deeper layers of muscle and relieve tension. I may be small, but I am tightly wound, and I hate it when masseurs are afraid to apply strong pressure to my aching muscles. I am small but mighty, I can take it!

Now feeling like a walking jello mold I was treated to a light lunch of some sliced salami, cheese, veggies, and other small bites.


My four hour experience wrapped up with my Sunlighten Infrared Sauna treatment. An individually sized sauna which uses three levels of infrared heat to reach deep into your muscles and joints to soothe aches, increase circulation and encourage detoxification.


sauna 2

There are a plethora of other health benefits including: skin rejuvination, weight loss and blood pressure reduction.  I have never been a big fan of extreme temperatures, hot or cold, but this sauna was just warm enough to break a sweat and encourage relaxation, while not being too hot to make you uncomfortable. I kept thinking how helpful it would be to have one during the long Chicago winters.**

After my treatments concluded I waited in the comfortable lounge for Jurgen to emerge from his day of pampering and to drink his beer. Needless to say he also had a wonderful time.

Real men get pampered.

Real men get pampered.


In a past life I have managed spa’s in both Chicago and New York, making me pretty particular and well versed when it comes to spa experiences, and I will say that my time at Sunlight was truly one of the most relaxing and therapeutic spa appointments I have ever had.

Thank you Mom, Dad and Neill…and here’s to a relaxing and (relatively) stress free Holiday Season!

**Apparently you could purchase your own…although it would cost a pretty penny. Maybe ask Santa for one this year? Just a thought…