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persimmon trio

A few weeks ago, sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I began to notice an unfamiliar item gracing the produce stand: Fuyu persimmons.  Never having consumed a persimmon before I had been oblivious to their presence, but seeing them left me intrigued. What exactly is a persimmon? What do they taste like? What sort of recipe could I make with them?

I decided to pursue this line of questioning and began researching some persimmon recipes online. I settled on a braised pork with Fuyu persimmon recipe.  While there were a variety of options, I went this route because I knew it was a dish which would last for several meals, be healthy and filling at the same time.

persimmon triangle

You daily serving of knowledge today: Persimmons are an Asian tree fruit, and similar to a tomato are actually considered a berry, despite their very un-berry like appearance. Fuyu’s are of the non-Astringent variety which means you can eat them while they are firm but they are still palatable when they soften. (source)

final dish

Sadly, my first foray with a Fuyu ended up not being very successful. The pork shoulder was a fatty cut of meat, rendering the broth very greasy while the whole dish lacked in flavor. But I will say the Persimmons held up well. They didn’t wilt in the oven like I expected them too. Rather they kept their structure while only softening around the edges to release their flavors. They tasted like a cross between a tomato and a peach, perhaps a tomato and a plum.  Fruity and sweet yet earthy with a slight tang.  While the recipe is not one I would jump to repeat, the Persimmon certainly holds promise for future kitchen adventures.

Perhaps this one, or this one, or maybe even this one.

single persimmon