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Starting tomorrow I will have a mere twenty days until my time here in Kansas City comes to a close. In many ways times feels like it has flown, but at the same time we have experienced a lot over these past few months. 

It’s a part of my nature to be a bit hard on myself, and I go back and forth wondering if I have done a good job of truly exploring the city and using my time wisely. So, in an effort to make the most of my remaining time here I have created my own little KC Bucket List. 

Here it is, in no particular order:

1) Visit the Overland Park Arboretum

2) Contest the traffic ticket we received in Lawrence, KS and win

3) Take another road trip (thinking of checking out the Bridges of Madison County

4) Eat at The American Restaurant 

5) Eat at Happy Gillis

6) Eat at Pizza Bella

7) Visit Hallmark

8) Visit the Toy and Miniature Museum  (Completed on 12/28/12)

9) Take a Kansas City Fountains Walking Tour

10) Tour the Boulevard Brewing Company (Already have a reservation for 1/10/12)

11) Buy some bread at Fervere Bakery

12) Tour Weston Brewery

13) Visit Prairie Village

14) Secure a full time job (not really specific to KC but its something that needs to happen)

15) Eat at Extra Virgin (specifically their Duck Tongue Tacos)  

16) Explore Loose Park 

17) Take another day trip similar to our Lawrence trip (could be coupled with our Visit to Weston brewery…the wheels are turning as your can see)

18) Go to JJ’s Cool Change 

19) Take in some Kansas City Jazz

20) Still searching for the final one…

So there you go friends…my bucket list of nineteen to-do’s.  I am still toying with what the 20th will be. It’s a big list for twenty days but hey it’s 2013…let’s do this thang!

Happy New Year Everyone!