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Friends, with each passing day I lose precious time to cross things off my list…in times like this one must make haste. So we did. After our show tonight we headed across the street to JJ’s Cool Change (#18).


Now let me be clear, my decision to include JJ’s on my list had nothing to do with anything I had come up with from my research on the food scene in Kansas City, or because of recommendations from local KC’ers. On the contrary I wanted to go to JJ’s because I thought it seemed like a rather odd place to frequent. Located in a strip mall by our theatre it overlooks the road we take home every night, and each night as we pass by we chant “JJ’s Cooooool Chaaaaaaaannnnnngggggeeeee.”  I don’t know which one of us started this chant but it’s been happening for months, and I finally said “we have to go in there before we leave.”  And just like that, it made the list.


While I wouldn’t classify JJ’s as a total dive bar, it certainly tows the line.  Open till 2am it seems to attract the pool hall crowd that take their game playing very seriously…and their drinking? Not so much (there were two bottles of Smirnoff Ice left behind on our table).  As it was half price wings night Jürgen ordered a plate of extra hot buffalo wings which he said were “pretty good” along with a Stella Artois.  I decided on a plate of sweet potato fries served with a side of cinnamon honey butter.

overhead lights


pool table

pool cue

sweet potato fries

Now, I love butter as much as the next person but the decision to serve a butter as a dipping sauce for sweet potato fries was an odd one at best.  I went ahead and ate it, but as I write this I regret that choice.  A word for the wise: butter as a french fry dipping sauce will result in moderate to severe stomach pain.  Good times indeed. I also got a vodka tonic, which is my drink of choice when drinking at somewhat sketchy places.

dart board

In the end I think my initial impression that JJ’s would be an odd place to frequent was an accurate one. I have no idea who JJ is, what makes his change cool, or why their logo is a dolphin jumping over the moon?!?  Last I checked there weren’t a lot of dolphins in the nearby Missouri river. But, we paid it a visit, spent less than twenty bucks during our stay and I got to cross something off my list. I’m ok with that.

cool change mirror