Hey friends, guess what happened four years ago?


Photo by Kevin Weinstein

This Happened.

And do you know what else happened?

A few days before the wedding my thoughtful Mom asked me if I would like to schedule a massage for the morning of, to you know get my muscles all relaxed to kill it on the dance floor. Not one to turn my nose up at a spa appointment I happily complied.  She went ahead and set up massages for me and my brother and she got herself a facial. The family that gets pampered together, stays together.

My brother and I had appointments at the same time, so we headed to the spa together to check ourselves in.  The friendly front desk worker walked me to my therapy room, and much to my surprise there they were: two massage beds standing next to one another. I look over my shoulder to see that Neill has also been led to this very room…

Four years ago my brother and I got a couples massage.

But we did still manage to kill it on the dance floor.




4Happy Anniversary Jürg!!!