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one shaker

Pretty people, I have applied for six jobs in the past two days and I think I have sent  just as many inquiry emails as well. I am in full on find a job-find it fast-find it now mode. I will keep you updated. In the meantime please send me all the job finding juju you can muster. Ok? Thank you ever so much.

All this cover letter writing makes a gal hungry, so after I managed to peel my eyes away from the screen I headed down the Columbus Park neighborhood to give #5, also known as Happy Gillis, a try.

I read about Happy Gillis on the unbelievable food blog Ulterior Epicure (I don’t know how Bonjwing Lee became the man he is but I want his life) and a few cast mates threw it out as a recommendation as well, so it needed to be frequented.

Located on an unassuming side street, as soon as your eyes catch the old time sundries sign you know you are going to have a cheery dining experience.

main sign


open sign

The interior boasts light sea green walls, exposed brick and a collection of 1950’s dining decor.  Every table has bud vases with fresh flowers and it’s own unique set of salt and pepper shakers. It’s a happy space. That’s for sure.






red table

I went later in the day (they close at four) and shared the space with one other dining couple, but from the empty pastry cases on the counter, I can tell this is a popular spot for the lunch time crowd.

Soups and salads are the game here at Happy Gillis, and I decided on the Roasted Butternut Squash with Ricotta, Onion Walnut tapenade and arugula.  It’s unlike me to order a veggie sandwich, what can I say I am a gal who likes her meat, but the combination of ingredients intrigued me.


My sandwich was good. Not amazing, but quite good.  The potato roll was soft and pillowy, and the squash was roasted nicely. I do wish it had been seasoned a bit more, because with the excessive amount of creamy ricotta it got a bit lost.  I felt the same way about the tapenade, the flavor disappeared a bit which was a slight disappointment. But the ingredients were very fresh and they change their menu often to reflect the season, which I dig. It is a very happy place. I would go back, and who knows, if I am feeling really ambitions maybe I just will.

s&p shakers