Friends, we have ten more days until we pack up our little Prius and hit the road for the Windy City.  I figured it was only fair to give you an update on my Resolution List

1) Visit the Overland Park Arboretum (Date Completed: 1/6/13)

2) Contest the traffic ticket we received in Lawrence, KS and win (Date attempted and sort of completed 1/7/13)

3) Take another road trip (thinking of checking out the Bridges of Madison County) (Going to quote my Dad on this one “There are two chances of that happening…Slim and None”)

4) Eat at The American Restaurant (After a closer look at the menu we decided not to dine here after all)

5) Eat at Happy Gillis (Date Completed: 1/3/13)

6) Eat at Pizza Bella (Date Completed: 1/10/13)

7) Visit Hallmark (Date Completed: 1/8/13-entry forthcoming)

8) Visit the Toy and Miniature Museum (Date Completed: 12/28/12)

9) Take a Kansas City Fountains walking tour

10) Tour the Boulevard Brewing Company (Date Completed: 1/10/13 entry forthcoming)

11) Buy some bread at Fervre Bakery (Date completed 1/10/12 entry forthcoming)

12) Tour Weston Brewery

13) Visit Prairie Village

14) Secure a full time job (not really specific to KC but needs to happen) (I am working on it I swear!)

15) Eat at Extra Virgin (specifically their Duck Tongue tacos) (Date Completed: 1/5/13)

16) Explore Loose Park

17) Take another day trip similar to our Lawrence trip

18) Go to JJ’s Cool Change (Date Completed 1/2/12)

19) Take in some Kansas City Jazz (Date Completed: 1/7/13)

20) Have a drink at The Kill Devil Club (Just added!)

So I am 11 for 20 right now.  I feel pretty good about that.