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This will be a short one my dears because I didn’t take many pictures. You are probably breathing a sigh of relief right now because lord knows I can tend to ramble. I have never been accused of being at a loss for words.

A fun fact I learned about Kansas City was that it is the home to the legendary Gold Crown in greeting cards…Hallmark.  Who knew? Lucky for me Dana, the fantastic better half to my fantastic cast mate Jerry Jay happens to work there.  Once all of the holiday craziness settled we set up a date.

Harper was my tour guide.

harper 1

Guys when you have the worlds most darling, bright eyed, perfect head shaped baby with an infectious smile you can’t get anything accomplished, because you will take two steps and someone will stop, point and squeal “Ohhhhhhhh she is soooooooo cuuuuutttttteeeee!!!!!”

But can you blame them?

harper 2

I can’t.

We started out our tour with lunch in the cafe which had large windows overlooking the Crowne Plaza and some pretty hilarious light fixtures.

By Hilarious I mean Tacky. And by Tack I mean Awesome.

By Hilarious I mean Tacky. And by Tacky I mean Awesome.

After lunch we stopped in the two Hallmark employee stores which offer discounts on all sorts of Hallmark goodies. I did manage to keep myself in check and not purchase anything, although I did consider buying a Christmas ornament.

Following some window shopping and some visits to a few different cubicles to show off Harper (she had her cupcake bib and fuzzy pink boots on after all) we travelled to the ninth floor where there have their “creative lab”.  There was a display of old Hallmark Christmas Card drawings (done by a gentleman with the last name Goldstein no less), an art supply store, a library for the employees to use to find inspiration, and a ton of mock ups for various Christmas decor lines. I even got to peek into a room of people meeting about various gift bags for next Christmas. They don’t waste time here at Hallmark.

Mood and image board

Mood and image board

The plan after our office visit was to cross over the Crowne plaza to explore the Hallmark visitor center, but much to our dismay it is closed for the entire month of January. Um, I’m sorry is there a greeting card for “Oh you wanted to learn more about our company history and philosophy? Sorry it’s January. Sucks to be you.”

I guess not.

Closed visitor center notwithstanding, it was a great day to spend with new friends in a new city I have grown to be so fond of. Hallmark should put that on the inside of a greeting card.

Oh who am I kidding they probably already have.