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As we enter the final stretch (four days!) of our time here I have to admit I am becoming a bit anxious to get home.  I have truly enjoyed our time here in Kansas City but ever since we flipped the page to 2013 the need to return home has grown with each passing day. It’s time to get back.

Living in this big house has been fun.  Having all this space.  It’s something many people don’t experience with urban living, and getting to “try it on” for a bit has been a welcome change.  But I miss our home. There are still so many things I want to do to our place: We need to paint the kitchen.  The curtains in our living room need to be replaced.  Finally getting around to printing and framing some of Jürgen’s photos for our hallway.  The list goes on, but creating a home takes time.

desk shot 1

Still there is something I will really miss about our home here, and that’s the little office I have claimed as my own.  I love retreating here to write. To think. To make lists, and cross things off. The colors are soothing, the space is calming.  It’s my own little haven in this borrowed abode.

Clearly I still need to respond to some emails

Clearly I still need to respond to some emails

notebooks close up

Jonathan Adler notebooks which I purchased from The General Store. Great for list making

sandstone 2

Hand painted sea stone from Ten Thousand Villages keeps my stray mail in line

wine spectator 2

A stack of magazines I brought from home and still have not read

print close up

A fortune I received at Bo Ling's

A fortune I received at Bo Ling’s

There’s nothing more to really say on the subject, seeing as I can’t create space where there isn’t any. But what is it they say…Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened?

The kitties will miss this room too…

stanley sleeping

toaster on bookshelf