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statue 2About a month ago I received a message from a Chicago friend on Facebook which read:

Have you visited Prairie Village yet? It’s like you went back in time. Especially at Christmas.”

Going back in time? While the technology to time travel has yet to be invented (as far as we know) I certainly love to pretend to turn the clock back.  Plus the city is called Prairie Village, that just sounds adorable.  While I couldn’t make it before Christmas I added it to my list.

I hopped in my car to make the ten minute drive over to Prairie Village, not really knowing what I might find.  This week has been all about packing and gearing up to go home, so I have been remiss on any sort of exploration research.  I arrived at the point on the map which said Prairie Village and all I found was a high school where the soccer team was engaging in their afternoon practice.


I keep driving and looking for a sense of a cute historic town, or a street which harkens back to the golden days of yore. Something.

Finally I pull my car over and do some searching on my phone.  I am not finding much but something which does pop up are the Prairie Village Shops. I figure I can start there and maybe it will lead me to whatever jewels I am supposed to uncover. I also send a message to my friend asking to be pointed in the right direction to this magical spot which will take me back in time.

Turns out it’s been Twenty years since they have been to Prairie Village.  Helpful.

clock tower

When I arrive at the shops there is a statue welcoming you to the City of Prairie Village, which leads me to believe that this is the main drag to which my friend referred. Based on the cluster of shops with a small clock tower in the center, it seems to reason that this was once an area which felt as though you went back in time.

To be fair the shops are still very cute, but it’s mainly chain stores peppered with a few local shops.  I stopped in a few but my favorite find was a specialty cheese shop called The Better Cheddar.

cheese bw

Who has two thumbs and loves a good hunk of sharp cheddar cheese? This gal.

Filled with all sorts of gourmet nuts, crackers, oils and candy, The Better Cheddar provided me with all sorts of eye candy. Lucky for me, they also had ample samples of their cheese on hand, and I took full advantage.  They had three large cases full of all kinds of cheese from around the world: creamy goat cheese from California, nutty flavored Manchego’s from spain, french triple creams and of course a plethora of Cheddars’.  I picked up a caramelized onion cheddar and a super creamy honey goat cheese which will be making the trip back to Chicago with me.

better cheddar shelves



As I was checking out I asked the two employees at The Better Cheddar if there was anything I should explore while I was in Prairie Village. They sort of looked at me with wide eyes and cocked heads. Finally one of them said “Ummm, I’m drawing a blank.”

And there you have it.

I can’t wait to get home.

statue shilouette