I had intended to write tonight about all the things I ate this weekend. Sometimes you make choices to eat balanced meals, high in lean protein, fiber and lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Sometimes you choose to eat one and a half hotdogs, a boat load of duck fat french fries, and drink a lot. This weekend I chose the latter. Ah well.

Yesterday, Jürgen rather impulsively suggested we have brunch at City Provisions.  A favorite spot of mine, it’s an incredible delicatessen devoted to buying and selling local food, wine and spirits.  Lucky for us it’s located right around the corner, and it’s been an incredible addition to our neighborhood.

(If you want to visit my old blog, you can read an entry I wrote about my love for City Provisions here)

To be honest, I am not big on brunch. I find you end up paying a lot of money for something you could likely make yourself. However, I love brunch at City Provisions. It’s no-nonsense, deep flavored, well prepared food, with a menu which is constantly changing.  We didn’t go every Sunday but we have been a handful of times and always walked away satisfied.  I would even venture to say it’s my favorite brunch spot in the city.

I suppose I should say, it was my favorite brunch spot in the city.

Today I got an email saying it had closed.  Turns out a delicatessen devoted solely to local and artisanal ingredients can’t hold up in our neck of the woods. This makes me so sad.

I didn’t just go to City Provisions for brunch.  I often stopped in to pick up a bottle from their selection of biodynamic wines. Or perhaps some cheese from Zingermans Creamery in Michigan.  Maybe even some fresh milk from Kilgus Farmstead.  The staff was knowledgeable about every product on the shelf, friendly as can be, but most of importantly they were all incredibly passionate about the work they did and the mission behind the storefront.

It was a very special place, serving not only the Chicago community, but a community of hard-working farmers and artisanal food purveyors.  It’s closing is a great loss, a great loss indeed.

I have no doubt that Cleetus, the heart and soul of City Provisions, will press on and continue do great things. He is so passionate about the local food movement and I will look forward to following him and his pursuits.

That said, I am going to take this moment to recommit myself to the idea of supporting my local economy.  Not just food, but small business owners as well.  When we make the choice to put our money into a locally owned and operated business, we are putting money directly into our local economy. Nothing bad can come from that. Sure there will be times when I need to go to Target, or buy something from Amazon. But on the whole I want to be more thoughtful about where my hard earned dollars are going. I would much rather pay a little bit more knowing I am benefitting other hard working individuals, than contribute to a large operation of middle-men, sub-par products and overseas shipping.  You heard it here first.

Of course I would encourage you all to do the same. Are you with me?