Pretty people, how on earth is it already the end of January?!? It feels like only yesterday I was wearing a sparkly dress and rocking out to a suburban cover band. Time flies.

After compiling and (almost) completing my Kansas City Resolution List, I have decided to carry over this tradition to my every day life by creating a new resolution list each month.  I am doing this because the OCD part of me which loves to plan will enjoy making a list and crossing things off. More importantly though, I want to cultivate more exploration, adventure and discovery in my life. This seems like a great way to start.

Each months ideas will be based upon a central theme, in order to give each list some focus and intention.  I have a plethora of themes floating around in this noggin’ of mine, and I am excited to share them with you in the coming months. Just know that every list won’t simply be about getting outside and discovering the city. Exploration can come in lots of forms: trying a new recipe, redefining your personal style, underwater basket weaving. You get the idea.

So here we go…my February resolution list will be titled…

On The Cheap: Cool things to Do/See/Eat at Twenty Bucks* or less…

1) Visit the Adler Planetarium

2) Get a doughnut (or two, or three) at The Doughnut Vault

3) Visit the Half Acre Tap Room

4) See Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind

5) Go ice skating at one of the Chicago Park District rinks

6) Take the Few Spirits Distillery Tour (**note**: only if they add more February dates as I am not available for the two they have right now)

7) Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art

8) Have Dim Sum in Chinatown

9) See The Paper Machete

10) Grab a bite at a Chicago Food Truck

11) See Robbie Fulks at The Hideout

12) Grab something yummy at Floriole Cafe and Bakery

13) Pick something off the Free Things to do in Chicago List by TimeOut Chicago (will have to be determined on a week by week basis)

14) Pick something off the weekly Chicago Guide by Chicago Magazine (will have to be determined on a week by week basis)

15) Take a class/ event at the massive Whole Foods in Lincoln Park

For the moment I am starting with fifteen items, but this next month will be somewhat of a litmus test for me. The idea isn’t necessarily to always get every item crossed off, because I think it should be somewhat challenging. A wise man once told me that goal setting “should feel like a reach.” If at the end of the month I find that fifteen is too easy to accomplish then I will up it.  Should it be way too much to take on I might consider lowering it. We will see how this experiment pans out. It’s an ongoing, evolving process.

Let’s do this.

*When I say $20 or less, I mean $20 per person. Just to be clear.