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Hi Pretty People.  Sorry for the lack of posting this past week.  I flew to Baltimore last weekend for a baby shower and then hopped a (mega) bus with my in-laws for a three-day jaunt to NYC.  Which, incidentally, was the first time I had been back to New York since I lived there in 2010.

I didn’t take many pictures over the weekend but here are a few highlights:

-With my in-laws being born and bred Baltimorans, I had no choice but to don a Ray Lewis jersey and root for the Ravens during this years Super Bowl.  At first I was nonplussed but by the end of the evening I was screaming “Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose” at the top of my lungs, which I believe led those crazy birds to victory. Oh and Beyonce was incredible.

-We had yummy lunches at both Mario Batali’s Eataly and Todd English’s Plaza Food Hall.

-We ventured over the bridge to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to have a very yummy dinner at Dressler.

-Finally getting to visit Serendipity and trying their infamous Frozen Hot Chocolate.

-While at Serendipity we also got to see, and touch,  a real live Oscar statue. He is making his rounds to iconic places across the country.

-Taking in the Our Global Kitchen exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History.

All in all a lovely trip. I am excited to go back next month.

And now, a few photos (click on an image to view it full-sized and scroll thru the gallery)