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Hello hello and Happy Thursday to you all! I am coming at you from my office, also known as my dining room table.

For as long as I have understood the concept of working from home, I have desired it as an option for my work life.  I know it’s simply not possible for many professions, but for those of us who have jobs largely tied to the internet, it seems silly to require someone to be in an office eight hours a day only to stare at a computer screen.  Just my two cents.  Aside from cutting down on the time spent commuting, I like the flexibility of being able to make lunches in my kitchen, throw in a load of laundry that needs washing, and spend the whole day in my pajamas if the mood strikes me.

My previous employer required people to come into an office (granted it was a super fun office with chairs that hung from the ceiling, themed conference rooms, and a “magical forest) but allowed you the chance to work from home on a sporadic basis.  It’s a privilege I took advantage of because my manager was cool and getting dressed can be so difficult sometimes.

When I began my search for new employment I hoped I might find a job which offered the option to work from home, but landing a position which allows me to work from home full-time?  I felt like I had hit the jackpot.

However, there is a saying…be careful what you wish for.  Working from home with all it’s advantages, has it’s disadvantages too.  For one, creating a sense of structure can be a challenge.  When you are left to your own devices it’s easy to procrastinate until it’s 3:00pm and you still have a massive to-do list to tackle.  Without the need to leave the house and actually face society you lose the impetus to do basic things like wash your face and brush your teeth, which is gross.  I actually can’t get anything accomplished without brushing my teeth, but washing my face? Not gonna lie, some days I forget.  Spending an entire day in a robe can leave one feeling like a giant sloth and a failure at life. I’m just sayin’

After a couple of weeks of this I have decided I need to turn my work-from-home life around.  I didn’t want to let what is actually a wonderful benefit to get the best of me, so I gave myself a little mental kick in the pants earlier this week.  Exercising is becoming part of my daily routine, to-do lists are being written, and I am starting to feel like myself again which is nice.  Finding a new groove is a challenge, and sometimes no one is there to hold you hand while you carve it out.

I am still in my robe, but I have actual clothes on underneath it. Baby steps people, baby steps.

Any advice on how to avoid falling into a home-office slump? Words of wisdom for managing your time? Hit me…I’m all ears.

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