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So this trip was ill-fated from the get-go.  First it started snowing, big, wet and heavy flakes on Tuesday around noon.  The roads were bad, people were driving as if they had never seen a winter storm before, and that just makes everything more frustrating and slow.  After contending with mother nature in the early afternoon, my plan was to take advantage of the Museum of Contemporary Art‘s Free Tuesdays for Illinois Residents, after Jürgen was done with work.  I got myself all bundled in a myriad of winter layers and was en route to the train when he called to say he would not be joining me at the museum.  On his way there he stepped into an ice-cold, super slushy puddle which soaked his entire foot through to his toes…which is one of the least fun things that can ever happen to you.  I totally understood, although it only brought attention to just how cold my tootsies were as well.  I opted to wear my Hunter Boots out that afternoon because they are a cute alternative to clunky insulated footwear.  However, they are not, in any sense of the word, warm.

I almost turned around and went home after waiting over fifteen minutes for my transfer train (when they kept saying it was only two minutes away) but being the dedicated explorer that I am I forged ahead.

Arriving at the museum I had snow caked into my hat, and water streaming across my face.  My ankle length, goose down jacket, was soaked giving it (and subsequentally me) the pleasant aroma of a wet barn animal.  As I disrobed my outer-layers it hit me “I have a meeting at 6pm up near my house” (it was currently 4:40pm).  Awesome.

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I decided since it was free, and it’s really not a large space, that I could take myself on a half-hour self-guided tour, I had come this far, it would be silly to turn around so soon.  And of course, as I began to peer questioningly at two solid covered canvas with a few fishing lures hanging from them (pictured above–what?!?), my phone died.  Even more awesome.

Now I had no way to communicate with my 6pm meeting in case any trains were delayed, in case he might want to reschedule,  or to remind Jürg that’s where I was headed after the museum.

People, what did we do before cell phones were invented?

Irritated, hungry, thirsty, and just not feeling arty in any way, I did do a quick lap. I looked at lots of things that to be honest I didn’t find that interesting (I have written briefly on my opinion of contemporary art here) and I left.  Not my best day.

However, as I carefully walked down the icy front steps, I took a moment to look at the Martin Creed “Mothers” sculpture out front. It was rotating slowly, lightly dusted in snow, with the Old Water Tower in the background and I thought “man Chicago is a pretty city.”

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 4.15.01 PM

From the MCA Website

Oh and my 6 o’clock meeting cancelled. And I drank some wine with Jürgen even though I am not supposed to, because snowy nights call for red wine. They just do.