Ok friends…here we go:

On The Cheap: Cool things to Do/See/Eat at Twenty Bucks* or less…

1) Visit the Adler Planetarium (Date Completed: February 27th. Entry Forthcoming)

2) Get a doughnut (or two, or three) at The Doughnut Vault (Date Completed: February 12th)

3) Visit the Half Acre Tap Room (Date Completed: February 9th)

4) See Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind (Had plans to go with a friend but she flaked out…you know who you are…at the last-minute. Probably bringing this one back sooner rather than later)

5) Go ice skating at one of the Chicago Park District rinks (Yeah didn’t happen, to be honest I wasn’t that committed to the idea anyway) 

6) Take the Few Spirits Distillery Tour (Date Completed: February 23rd)

7) Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art (Date Completed: February 26th)

8) Have Dim Sum in Chinatown (Date completed: February 10th)

9) See The Paper Machete (Yeah…didn’t happen.)

10) Grab a bite at a Chicago Food Truck (The saddest part about this is there was a food truck out in front of FEW Spirits, but we had just eaten…)

11) See Robbie Fulks at The Hideout (Date completed: February 17th)

12) Grab something yummy at Floriole Cafe and Bakery (Date Completed: February 9th)

13) Pick something off the Free Things to do in Chicago List by TimeOut Chicago (will have to be determined on a week by week basis) (Date completed February 8th)

14) Pick something off the weekly Chicago Guide by Chicago Magazine (will have to be determined on a week by week basis) (Nope)

15) Take a class/ event at the massive Whole Foods in Lincoln Park (I actually had reservations for a class earlier this month, but inclement weather kept me housebound. There aren’t any remaining classes that are $20 and under, so I blame this one on Climate Change)

Final Score: 9 out of 15. (That’s a 60% completion rate. Which would be a D if I was still in grade school).

All things considered (shorter month, inclement weather, travelling taking up some time) I feel ok about the final number.  As I mentioned at the start this was a litmus test of sorts, and now that I have made it through a month I think I am going to stick with fifteen resolution list items for now.  It’s a stretch, but it also still feels attainable.

Stay tuned for this months list…working on it as we speak.