Here we go…

March Resolution List: Made in Chicago

Experiences/Yummy Things/ Pretty Objects which are created or originated right here in Chicago.

1) See a Harold Show at Improv Olympic (Had it on my calendar for three separate occasions only to have each fall through. The best laid plans…)

2) Eat a Chicago Style hot-dog at the Vienna Beef Factory Café (Date completed: March 14th)

3) Visit Ork Posters and their new store Neighborly (maybe even get one for myself!) (Date Completed: March 28th-Entry Forthcoming)

4) See Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind (a carryover from February) (Date Completed: March 22nd)

5) Eat a Jibarito Sandwhich at Borinquen (Date Completed: March 24th-Entry Forthcoming)

6) Pick up some chocolate at the Blommer Chocolate Factory (Was supposed to pick some up the day we got our taxes prepared. But after I thought I lost my car key it didn’t happen. Thankfully we found the car key)

7) See/Do something at the Old Town School of Folk Music (Yeah…didn’t happen)

8) Visit and play some old-school arcade games at Logan Hardware (Date completed: March 24th-Entry Forthcoming)

9) Getting something delicious and delightfully Swedish at Ann Sather (Date Completed: March 28th-Entry Forthcoming)

10) Visit Heritage General Store and pretend I can afford one of their handmade bicycles. (Date Completed: March 19th)

This month was full of transitions: Travel, new jobs, producing theatre…but amidst all of that I was still able to get out and try some new things. I still find myself beating myself up for not doing enough, but I need to learn these lists aren’t supposed to make me feel down and out. Rather they are here to challenge and encourage. Every month will provide obstacles but all you can do is try your best, another month is always right around the corner.

This is me trying to be a Suzy Sunshine to make up for the lack of sunshine these past few weeks.

Stay tuned for Aprils list!