I am going to change things up this month, and bring this resolution inward.  By which I mean this months list is less about getting out, but more about personal rejuvenation and restoration.

Spring is, by natures design, a transformative time of year.  The leafless trees begin to show new life.  Shades of yellow, blue, pink and purple sprout along the sidewalk.  Our winter layers start to come off, and venturing outside seems plausible again.

Of course, here in Chicago, Spring is also a rather elusive season.  Many years we only see her face for a week or so before we are in full-on-hot-summer-days mode.  When she does grace us with her presence, us Chicagoans are not one to take her for granted.  The lakeshore is full of people running, biking, and sunning.  Al fresco dining is all the rage. Generally we are all much happier people.

More so than any other season, I think Spring really signifies change.  Out with the old and in with the new. This months list is inspired by this change.  I am dusting off the cobwebs to make way for more focus, relaxation and inspiration. From actual home organization projects, to just spending some time outside, I hope to enter the month of May feeling invigorated and energized.

April Resolution List: Spring Cleaning

Cleaning Up. Clearing Out. Making space. Taking time. 

1) Visit the Caldwell Lilly Pool on a sunny day

2) Reorganize my jewelry by constructing my own jewelry organizer 

3) Plant a herb garden

4) Unwind at King’s Spa

5) Take a yoga class

6) Figure out a system to organize all of my recipes

7) Complete a three-day juice cleanse with no cheating!

8) Spend an hour walking around and picking up trash from the sidewalk

9) Play frisbee

10) Go floating in a sensory deprivation tank