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So before I get into these list items, I just want to share with you a brief summary of the day I had the Thursday before last.

It started out great: The sun was shining, I got to go to a hand-casting (I do some hand modeling here and there…no really I do), and it was the day of the show ya’ll.  I was full of excitement and nerves and energy.  After treating myself to a working breakfast at Ann Sather (list item numero nueve) I ran a few errands which included: Taking my winter coat to the tailor to be fixed (the zipper is broken which means all winter I have had to step into my coat…like a five-year old).  Buying a present for my new niece. Mailing a package to a friend overseas. Stopping by Neighborly to accomplish list item numero tres.

Feeling like a modern woman who can do-it-all and have-fun-doing it, I came home from my errand running, printed off a few tax documents, and was about to jump in my car to make a quick stop by the Blommer Chocolate Company (list item numero siete) followed by a visit with my accountant when panic struck: Where was my car key?

Or rather a key fob, as there is no actual key, just a sensor that turns the car on.

It was in the pocket of my winter coat.

I ran to the tailor to retrieve my key only to find out the coat was already on a truck to the dry cleaner….meanwhile my tax appointment was in less than an hour.  My stomach was in knots knowing if this key was lost it would cost hundreds of dollars to replace, and the probability of it falling out of my coat pocket was high. What was I going to do? I pleaded with the tailor to get my coat back, and after a little back and forth he told me (or in this case Jürgen) to return in two hours.  Well, thank the Lord for small mercies because I was blessed with some great train Karma and still managed to make it to the CPA on time.  Just as my accountant was about to deliver the news of our filing, I received a call from Jürg:

There was nothing in your coat pocket

And then I remembered: I hadn’t worn my winter coat today, I was wearing my springtime classic trench coat.  Thats the pocket where my car key was. Which has been hanging in the hall closet this whole time.

Seriously people? I have a college degree…

Then my accountant informs me that we owe the federal government over four thousand dollars.

Then I kind of wanted to punch things.

And then I had to go perform in front of a sold out crowd at the Steppwenwolf Garage.

Highs and Lows.

That wasn’t brief was it? Ok let’s wrap this up. I’ll keep it super short.

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Up until now my only actual experience with Ann Sather was indulging in their ooey-gooey, sticky and sugary cinnamon rolls. Which are great, but it felt like time to finally sit down and try something new.  So I settled on some swedish pancakes with a lingonberry sauce…and a cinnamon roll on the side. I love a good cinnamon roll.

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To be honest, I was a bit surprised at how few Swedish delicacies were actually on their menu, but when you have been around for sixty-years and have four locations clearly not many other people are asking the same question.

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Now, Ork Posters aren’t just made in Chicago, they are made in my neighborhood.  Technically I was supposed to visit both Ork Posters and their new store Neighborly, but turns out you can’t really visit Ork posters unless you are working on a custom order.  And that’s not how I roll at the present time.  However, Neighborly is in their original location so I felt fine about how the cards fell.

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I have seen Ork’s neighborhood posters around for a while and, until recently, had no idea they were created here.  It’s such a fun, playful take on a city’s layout, and a great way to pay homage to a place which is near and dear to your heart. I am hoping they come out with a Louisville one very soon.


The store is quite charming and features all kinds of items sourced from Chicago or nearby manufactures.  I wasn’t sure when I went in if I would walk out with a Ork poster of my very own, but once I laid eyes on the cool cerulean version, I knew I had to have it.

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Plus they are only around twenty-bucks…and there is nothing sad about that.

Granted I could have used that twenty-bucks to pay the government…but Damn the Man I am a tax paying citizen and I will have a Ork poster if I so choose. You can’t take that a way from me!

It was a very emotional day.