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photo 4It was at some point during my college years when I stumbled upon the hidden gem that is the Caldwell Lily Pool.  Located between the Notebaert Nature Museum and the Lincoln Park Zoo, it’s a quite respite in the middle of a big city.  One of those “blink and you will miss it” spots, it’s a perfect place to visit when the sun finally decides to shine.

The last time I visited the pool was in 2008 for part of our engagement photo shoot:



All photos by Kevin Weinstein

All photos by Kevin Weinstein

Clearly it was time to go back.

As we have had an unseasonably cold spring, the trees still are hiding their leaves, but even with bare branches hanging overhead, the sense of peace and tranquility is not lost.

photo 1photo 3In the middle of the pond sits a Japanese Tea-House style structure that’s fun to sit under while you people-watch…or feed ducks.

photo 2photo 2photo 3

Right after we took this picture, a young man asked us, along with the father and two young children standing in the tea house, if we wouldn’t mind clearing out because his brother was about to bring his girlfriend to this very spot and ask her to marry(!) him(!!).

To which the little boy replied “That’s disgusting!”

Hilarious. Awesome. Love-filled. Delightful.

We circled around to the other side of the pond and watched the whole event unfold.  When the man’s camera died (he had been filming it for his brother) I took over from my phone and captured the glorious moment, but since I don’t know these people I figure it’s not my moment to share. Trust me when I say it happened.

photo 1

Last time we were there, we were engaged.  This time we witnessed two people get engaged…there is good juju in this lily pool I tell you.