You know that feeling people speak of when they finish a work-out? That endorphin rush which makes them feel like champions on the front of a Wheaties box? The feeling that motivates them to hit the gym day after day to sculpt their arms, tone their thighs and tighten their tummies?

I have never experienced this post-workout feeling before, and I kind of want to punch all the people who say they do.

Still, I do exercise, even though I kind of hate it.  I never used to, but as my new-decade birthday approached I suddenly began to feel the need to make exercise a more regular role in my daily life.  I started with a simple approach of doing planks on a nightly basis.  After thirty consecutive days of planking I bought myself something as a reward, and have continued this mode of positive reinforcement ever since.  Presents give me endorphins, planks do not.

One of the biggest challenges I face with exercise is making the time for it in my schedule.  As someone who doesn’t enjoy it, when life gets tough it’s the first thing to go.  But thank’s to Pinterest I have recently discovered some great, quick, no-equipment needed “challenges” which give me little-to-no excuse not to at least get some sort of physical activity in each day.


(Source: Tribe Sports)

Tribe Sports has all kinds of challenges on their website, so you can easily find one of your own.  I did both of these last night while I was watching Revenge (oh how I missed it), and have also been able to do them on nights when I babysit and the kiddos are asleep.  For those of you who travel a lot for work, or simply want to add in some fun new exercise combinations to your exisiting workouts, both of these challenges target lots of muscle groups in a short amount of time.

And with that….I need to go exercise (ugh…)