By this point…ya’ll know the drill…here it is:

April Resolution List: Spring Cleaning

Cleaning Up. Clearing Out. Making space. Taking time. 

1) Visit the Caldwell Lilly Pool on a sunny day (Date completed: April 21st)

2) Reorganize my jewelry by constructing my own jewelry organizer (I didn’t come close to even thinking about this…although it needs to happen)

3) Plant a herb garden (It was too rainy and cold until this past weekend…perhaps in May!)

4) Unwind at King’s Spa (Nope, but I sure wish it had)

5) Take a yoga class (No…which is super lame considering there are yoga studios everywhere!)

6) Figure out a system to organize all of my recipes (Date completed: April 23rd)

7) Complete a three-day juice cleanse with no cheating! (Date completed: April 19th)

8) Spend an hour walking around and picking up trash from the sidewalk (Date kind of completed: April 27th- entry forthcoming)

9) Play frisbee (Again, too rainy and cold…blame mother nature!!)

10) Go floating in a sensory deprivation tank (Date completed: April 24th-entry forthcoming)

Final Score: 5 out of 10

At a 50% completion rate, the only place I have to go is up (let’s hope!).  May’s list will be coming your way very soon!!