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Having spent many years working in the spa industry, I have a bit of a soft spot for skin care and beauty products.  Although, I admittedly find myself falling into a rut when it comes to trying new looks and beauty routines.  It’s always a bit of a risk financially to invest in a product before you have had a chance to use it and see if it works with your skin-type, plus I can just be a bit boring and not adventurous from time to time.

So, when a friend first told me about BirchBox, I was intrigued.  For a mere ten dollars a month, A pretty pink box is delivered to my door with a curated collection of samples (and on occasion full-sized) of beauty products to try.  How fun is that?

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I’ve been receiving my BirchBoxes for a few months now and I have already discovered this fantastic exfoliator which is gentle enough for my super sensitive skin yet still effective, and a great organic sunscreen just in time for the summer sun.  Ten bucks to receive some fun surprises in the mail and a chance to play with new products? Sign. Me. Up.

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No, I receive no kick-backs from BirchBox for writing this little endorsement, I’m just sharing a fun beauty find with you, I’m very giving in that way.