Monthly Resolution Lists

My resolution lists are sort of a happy accident.  While nearing the end of my stay in Kansas City, I made a list of twenty things I hoped to accomplish before I left.  I published the list, and chronicled my attempt to get as many items crossed off as I could.  I managed to get seventeen out of the twenty crossed off, which felt pretty sweet I have to say.

However it was less about getting things crossed off, and more about setting small goals which encouraged me to get off the couch, out the door, and experience the area around me with a new sense of energy and purpose.

I realized I didn’t need to stop the list-making and goal-setting once I returned home to Chicago, but I could continue this activity to infuse more discovery and excitement into my everyday life.

Current Resolution List:

April: Spring CleaningCleaning Up. Clearing Out. Making space. Taking time. 

Past Resolution Lists:

March: Made in ChicagoExperiences/Yummy Things/ Pretty Objects which are created or originated right here in Chicago. 

February: On the CheapCool things to Do/See/Eat at Twenty Bucks* or less…

Kansas City Resolution List


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